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Finding your Happy Place - Follow the sunshine🌞

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Sometimes amid our struggles, heaviness, and busyness we often cannot find the bandwidth to plug into our happy place. Maybe that is because we feel we aren't worthy, or we need to put someone else's needs before our own or simply we are tired. Regardless of the reason, I'm here to tell you the happiness is within YOU. Let's find it together❤.

When we are having a rough moment, day or even week - Jon will tell me, “It’s not that bad, we aren't getting shot at." He is right and you can probably relate. If you are a veteran or someone that has experienced dark moments, you know exactly what Jon means. Although I have not been through a combat deployment myself, through him I know civilian life gives you a little more time to process your thoughts and overcome the hard moments.

How Happy are you? 😁🙁😭😐😊 Take the survey and see.

Your Happy Place: The journey looks a little different for each of us.

1. You are Worthy. Let me say it again, YOU ARE WORTHY. You have been through some hard things, either by duty or in response to trauma or adverse experiences. Those events do not define you, own them as part of your story and move forward. Do whatever it takes to get you to your happy place. Asking for help is not a weakness, but a courageous feat to get you back to your best self. You deserve it.

2. Take care after your Mental & Physical health. Biological and environmental factors affect our outlook on life. Being cognizant of how you feel and think are essential. Life knocks us down and we owe it to ourselves to get back up every time. I know…I know, easier said than done. Keep forging forward and you will get there! At times, getting back up may mean seeking professional support from a counselor, like a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) or consulting with your doctor. Check out this survey if you feel your Mental Health is a concern, however nothing takes the place of speaking with a professional.

3. Find Community and Purpose. What does your village look like? Who is in your corner? Think about what you are good at and what you enjoy. When Jon transitioned, he found purpose through the transportation industry. He also benefited from the TAPS program, Marine Corps events, a good counselor, and from the support of fellow veterans. He knew from being a military recruiter, he was good at connecting and working with people. Now being in this industry for 12 years, he wants other vets to have a fulfilled life just as him, and from there Veteran Trucking Careers was born. Your purpose and community are waiting.

4. Lean into your Happy Place. Find what puts a smile on your face even if its just from moment to moment. Make the intentional effort to schedule that time for yourself and pursue happiness.

Our Happy Place: Our boat in Crystal River Florida
Our Happy Place: Our boat in Crystal River Florida

For us, Our Happy Place is with family, being on a boat and enjoying the sunshine.

Tell us about your Happy Place? _________________________

By Jackie Breeden, LCSW

Jackie and Jon on their boat
Jackie and Jon on their boat

Jackie Breeden, a licensed clinical social worker and her veteran husband, Jon Breeden discuss what it takes to find your happy place. Post military transition can be difficult, this article brings to light, tips and tools to find happiness in the midst of transition and tough times. Their business, Veteran Trucking Careers' mission is to support veterans and those interested in trucking jobs. From CDL school, owner operators, to company drivers, they are here to walk that journey with you.

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