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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 6, 2022

Whether you are a veteran, a truck driver or both, mental wellness is essential.

Four reasons to not be afraid of seeking help for your mental health:

1. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

2. Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re weak.

3. Everyone struggles with mental health to a certain extent.

4. Many people will support you.

Let’s focus on our own mental health while on the road. Micro self-care provides a way for busy professionals (possibly coupled with the added challenge of a family and other commitments) to fit self-care into their lives.

  1. Stay Connected with your Loved Ones and fellow truckers. With a touch of a button you can be face to face with a loved one. A friend is a call away, they probably need to chat as much as you.

  2. Take care of your physical health. As a driver your sleep patterns may be one of a roller coaster, so find some consistently when your counting your Zzzzzz.

  3. Find Ways to Relax. Trucking driving jobs can be high stress, lets find what works best to calm those nerves. Maybe music, deep breathing, stretching or brisk walk.

  4. Intentionally think of the things that bring you joy and schedule them in.

  5. Be kind to yourself. During unsettling times in particular, it’s so important to take a step back and check in with yourself. Try not to feel like you have to keep up with what everyone else is doing and instead, do as much or as little as you are comfortable with - go at a pace that works for you.

  6. Know when you are struggling. If you can't seem to get out of the funk, maybe you are finding yourself more nervous, difficulty concentrating, lack of joy, feeling of hopelessness, etc. Don't ignore the signs.

  7. Seek Help if something feels "off". It's never too early and it's always beneficial to have someone to talk to open up too. Virtual counseling is at our finger tips. If you feel suicidal - CALL 1-800-273-8255


Spread the word about Mental Health Awareness Month - Let your voice be heard.

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